Indexor - List Those Names!

Desperately trying to find a tool that will spare you hours of tedious copy-pasting?

Creating index of names for a long text, like a book, is tedious process. In word processors (like Microsoft Word and Writer) and in desktop publishing suites (like Adobe InDesign and Scribus) it involves going trough all text and tagging each occurence mannually. And then preserving these tags intact when changes are being made to the text, and then merging different forms of the names together, and editing final index by hand. It's simply a lot of work to get pretty indexes like these:

Indexor is a simplistic entity extraction algorhythm, optimized for publishing industry's needs. It is aiming to help you go trough whole workflow, adding just enough automagickness into it, to keep you entertained. Try the demo below, by pasting in your long text and observe the 0-guidance, fully automatted output. Then imagine how good it would be if you steered it on some crucial points, like creating whitelists and blacklists.

Indexor has versatile feature set:

If you are adventureus download the script and try it yourself, or drop me an email with your feedback. Will be happy to receive bugfixes, tips, or service requests. Curious how it works? Learn more.

Index your text automagickaly:

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